Welcome to the WARD network, set up to share and support the common concerns and achievements of local people in spatial planning. Please explore the website: About Us gives our objectives, Gallery visually exhibits ‘heaven and hell’, whilst, Local Campaigns exposes the extent of all our difficulties. Use us: via News, Resource or maybe the Glossary. Join us; by clicking Follow (bottom right of screen) to get email updates of developments, or register (top right) to add  comments and discuss issues. As a community group youself, send us details, updates, and you own blog posts to add to the site. If you would like to support WARD’s work with a donation, a link is top of the sidebar. If, as a community group, you would like to join the WARD network and attend network events then email Chairman Dr David Ingham.

WARD Resource & Research

WARD knowledge network

Communities need knowledge to plan their environment; WARD  will facilitate the swap of ideas and skills amongst local communities, together with  discussion of  trends and legislation in spatial planning. We will also organize syndicated research projects for associate local groups on areas of importance eg green space availability. More on WARD resource & research

WARD Lobbying & Legislative Support

WARD lobbying & legislative support

Planning legislation is complicated and encased in politics; WARD will support Wharfedale and Airedale communities seeking to oppose or appeal against harmful development. We also lobby continuously for a fair, transparent, truly sustainable planning system. More on local campaigns

WARD Neighbourhood Planning

WARD neighbourhood planning

Under the 2011 Localism Act, communities can decide the future development and land use of the places they work and live by producing their own neighbourhood plans; WARD will support Wharfedale and Airedale communities in this undertaking. More on neighbourhood planning

“I would suggest a WARD petition, rather than lots of separate ones,  so can we all work with WARD to co-ordinate.  A good chance for collaborative working,  which is precisely what WARD was set up to do!” Greg Mulholland