Associate Groups & Councillors

“the more that communities hold sway over offialdom, the better it is for all of us”

Associate Groups
The following community groups are in the WARD network, working to share  information, skills, mutual support, and research.  If you would like to join the WARD network,  please contact Chairman David Ingham.

Addingham Civic Society – stimulating interest and pride in Addingham’s heritage

Aireborough Civic Society – stimulating interest in pride in Aireborough’s heritage

Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum – designing a thriving place

Baildon Residents Against Inappropriate Development (BRAiD) – bringing residents together to defend green spaces from inappropriate development

Benn Rhydding Action Group – Green Belt Protection

Braithwaite & North Dean Action Group (BANDAG)

Cragg Hill & Woodside Residents Group – protecting the character of the area

Friends of Parkinson’s Park – regenerating a community Park in Guiseley

Friends of Yeadon Banks – looking after a hard won village green

Horsforth Civic Society – stimulating insterest and pride in Horsforth

Ilkley Civic Society

Kirklees Community Action Network – an umbrella organization for many local campaigning groups across Kirklees who work to protect and enhance their communities.

Menston Action Group (MAG) – Menston Action Group represents the voice of Menston residents who oppose inappropriate development in their community.

Menston Community Association – representing the residents of Menston

Newlay Conservation Society – managing change in an historic area

Rawdon Billing Action Group (RBAG) – protecting the green belt status of Rawdon Billing

Rawdon Greenbelt Action Group – to retain the unique and special landscape character of Rawdon and Aireborough

Tong & Fullneck Valley Association - protect the greenbelt of the Tong Fulneck Valley from further development.

(NB – details of many of the above groups are given on the local campaign page.)

Associate Local Councillors

The following councillors regularly attend WARD events, and support WARD action.

Colin Campbell – Otley & Yeadon  (Leeds CC)

Brian Cleasby –  Horsforth (Leeds CC)

Dawn Collins –  Horsforth (Leeds CC)

Ryk Downes – Otley and Yeadon (Leeds CC)

Graham Latty –  Guiseley & Rawdon  (Leeds CC)

Pat Latty –  Guiseley & Rawdon (Leeds CC)

Dale Smith – Wharfedale (Bradford MDC)

Chris Townsley –  Horsforth  (Leeds CC)

Paul Wadsworth –  Guiseley & Rawdon (Leeds CC)