19th November, Buck Lane, Baildon – Invitation to a Peaceful Protest in Favour of Green Fields and Democracy

On Monday 19th of November Bradford Council will start work on the  Buck Lane  site. This is just three weeks ahead of a debate,  in full Council,  triggered by a 1, 700 signature petition,  calling on the development to be stopped. The work the Council are starting, is the upgrading a path to the river, non-essential work which nevertheless activates the planning permission.

The Council have obviously decided to either predetermine, or ignore,  the outcome of the debate. Their actions show a complete contempt for democracy and the people of Baildon. They believe, as always, they know best and that the opinion of local people, people who live an the area, does not count.

Please join us at 10: 00 on Monday 19th November, at Buck Lane, Baildon ( in the lay-by opposite the path down to the nature reserve), for about half an hour. The protest will be peaceful, and just long enough for us to register the strength of local feeling.

For more information about the Save Buck Lane campaign please visit www.braidinbaildon.co.uk 

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Sign BRAID’s Petition for Buck Lane, Baildon

After a bit of a struggle with the Council they have finally accepted BRAiD’s petition at http://epetition.bradford.public-i.tv/epetition_core/view/bucklane

If we can gather enough signatures this will force the Council to explain their thinking behind the Buck Lane proposals. Incredible as it may seem, and given its importance to the District, Buck Lane has never been debated in full Council. Continue reading