Place-Making or Placemaking

Placemaking is the creation of social, connected, vital ‘places’, by and via the people who live and work in them.   It is based on principals of civil society and democracy where people in a locality come together to socialise, help each other, solve issues, and innovate with new ideas.

The results of placemaking are distinctive cities, towns and villages were people are comfortable, and want to live and work.   They are places local people value and are proud of; thus the places are maintained, enhanced and adapted to changes in lifestyle.   This, in turn, improves wellbeing, grows the local economy and conserves the environment.

The process of placemaking,  is very different to a central ‘spatial’ planning system, based on state policy.  Where local people are told what will happen, are merely asked to express a view at ‘consultation’ stage – a view which often carries little weight – and have no right of appeal against a planning decision.

Areas of note for placemaking:  Bournville, Warwickshire;  Port Sunlight, Cheshire,   Saltaire, Yorkshire; Poundbury, Dorset.

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