125 New Homes Planned in Aireborough on Naylor Jennings Mill Site off Green Lane, Rawdon

This Saturday, 27th April, David Wilson Homes will be doing a pre-application  consultation on proposals to build 125 houses on the old Naylor Jenning factory site on Green Lane.  If you would like to go along and comment on the proposals, it will be at Greenacre Hall, New Road Side, Rawdon between 10am and 3pm.

Negotiations have been ongoing between Leeds City Council and David Wilson Homes for about two years and there are undertakings to retain the main factory frontage, the three cottages and the two management houses.  They will certainly keep the smaller chimney and hopefully the bigger one as well.  We do not know what the plans are for the mill ponds, or even if they are still there, there is a facebook page for a group who was wanting to save the ponds.

Councillor Latty has suggested a roundabout on Green Lane where the entrance would be.  How suitable do you think his proposal is on a narrow lane carrying HGVs is a matter for debate as Green Lane is presently a main through route from the Airport HGV depot to Greengates.

As WARD will be engaged in a major planning conference in the centre of Leeds whilst this consultation is being held no member of the WARD committee will be available to attend.  We are, therefore, relying upon our supporters to attend and provide us with the appropriate feedback.  In addition, we would urge  anyone with strong views about this proposal and its impact on Aireborough to attend the event,  and consider joining the Airborough Neighbourhood Forum to help put together a Neighbourhood Development Plan (see www.aireboroughnf.com).