Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum – 23rd June, Guiseley Theatre

Under the Localism Act 2011, and National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012, local communities can now spatially plan their own area, to address issues such as employment, transport, housing and green space,  and improve well being.   The body usually responsible for the neighbourhood development plan is the parish or town council, however, where there is no such council the community can form a neighbourhood forum.

WARD have had positive discussions with Leeds City Council about forming a Neighbourhood Forum for Aireborough, as the area has not had a local council of any kind since 1974.  We feel it is important that Aireborough has a say on how it develops, and keeps its character, as a matter of urgency; our roads are now congested, our schools nearly full, and our green spaces under threat.  More positively, many people want to build a greater sense of community following the large numbers of new people to the area, and rebuild local employment opportunities and businesses so that living and working in the same area is a real consideration.

We are now seeking to inform the local areas of Guiseley, Yeadon and Rawdon about neighbourhood development planning, and to begin to understand what people feel are the development issues for Aireborough, as well as the strengths and distinctive character that people want to conserve and build on.

Our first meeting will be in Guiseley Theatre on the morning of 23rd June 2012, 10am – 12 noon.  Programme

  • Speaker, Kathryn Jukes, Direction Planning
  • Q & A Panel will include, Stuart Andrew MP,  Greg Mulholland MP,  Cllr Graham Latty, and Leeds Planners
  • We will be gathering your views on planning issues and area assets, and asking for expressions of interest in joining the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum.

To gauge numbers and local representation, please could you email, to let us know you are coming.

For further details on neighbourhood planning  and some further thoughts on neighbourhood plans for Aireborough from a recent meeting with local MP’s.