Councillors asked to allow review of Leeds housing target

Leeds City Council’s housing target of 70,000 is now causing serious problems for the sensible, and sustainable, development of the City. To address this serious situation, a White Paper is to be put to the Council on the 9th November 2016, by Cllr Andrew Carter.

The White Paper calls for a review of the housing target to start as soon as possible, and for the Council to ask the Communities Minister to suspend the need for Leeds to have a 5-year land supply, until it has sorted out a site allocation plan. Communities around Leeds are being urged by community groups to support this paper by writing a letter to LCC Councillors urging them to vote for it next week.

This can be done simply by an email to ALL 99 LCC Councillors in one go, asking them to support Cllr Andrew Carter’s White Paper.


The online link to the White Paper motion is below:

Your email can be copied and pasted from the one below: –

Dear Councillors

Subject: WP1 on 09/11/2016 Agenda Item 13 – Full Council Meeting

OPEN LETTER TO LEEDS CITY COUNCILLORS REQUESTING YOU TO SUPPORT WP1 on 09/11/2016 Agenda Item 13 – Full City Council Meeting

Dear Councillors

I write to formally request you as an elected representative of the City of Leeds, support WP1 presented by Councillor Andrew Carter.

The Green Belt and Green space across the City of Leeds is under attack by speculative developers seeking to exploit the 5-year land supply anomaly for their own financial gain with little or no regard for the true housing needs of the city and the wellbeing of its electorate.

In summary, the white paper proposes:

• The immediate review of Leeds Housing Numbers
• The council write to Housing and Planning Minister calling for a suspension of 5-year land supply requirement on councils that are progressing towards a site allocations plan hearing.

The green belt and its green infrastructure is the city’s most valued asset, not only for preserving the unique rural character of the city, but also for the health and wellbeing of ALL citizens of Leeds.

We respectfully demand that for the good of Leeds and its citizens you put party politics aside and support this white paper.

Yours Faithfully

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