David Wilson Homes’ Plan for 125+ Houses on Green Lane Rawdon LS19

Last Saturday 27 April there was a pre-application consultation, at Greenacre Hall, Rawdon, to discuss the David Wilson Homes proposal to build more than 125 houses on the Naylor Jennings industrial site on Green Lane.  The meeting was well attended by concerned local residents and a common view at the meeting was that this was not a viable proposition.

Amongst issues raised, the largest concern is access onto Green Lane and the problems this will pose for the LCC Highways Department as the lane is already designated an ‘A’ road, is extremely narrow from the Naylor Jennings site north east to the junction of Harrogate Road and already suffers from excessive congestion.  Councillor Latty thought these problems could probably be solved by a roundabout on Green Lane at the entrance to the site.  The lack of social infrastructure (school places, shortage of doctors and dentists etc) was also raised.  David Wilson’s representative informed the public that the proposed development would include 15% affordable homes but Councillor Latty thought the development should contain 35% affordable housing.

We would like to reassure everyone that the WARD organisation is interested in any development in Wharfedale and Airedale which might impinge upon the quality of life for local residents in the immediate vicinity of such a development.  WARD will be considering, in detail, the implications of this proposal by David Wilson Homes.  Indeed, our committee was unable to attend the consultation on Saturday as we were running our own WARD/CPRE major Yorkshire Planning Conference in central Leeds.  We will, however, be making some comments on the feedback sheet to the developer’s agent but everyone should remember that this was a pre-application consultation, organised by a firm of estate agents on behalf of David Wilson Homes.  But please remember that this is not really intended to help local communities –Its real intention is to help the developer shape a planning application which is likely to generate fewer objections when it is lodged officially with LCC.

When the initial outline planning application is lodged officially you will have the opportunity to make a valid objection to the scheme if you so wish.  This will be when the application is lodged on LCCs Planning website, which will not be before 10 May.  Please note also that the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum together with Rawdon Parish Council are working together to design a Neighbourhood Development Plan for our area and will have their own ideas as to how the site may best be used for the benefit of the local community.  Should you wish to have a say in helping to design the Neighbourhood Plan for Aireborough please look on Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum’s website for details of how to become involved www.aireboroughnf.com