DCLG Report from Local Plans Expert Group confirms WARD’s continuing push for total housing number reduction in Leeds

This report concludes that Leeds City Council has made over- provision of more than 500 dwellings per annum when comparing actual annual housing provision in the Leeds Core Strategy against increase in household projections.
This is a long winded way of saying that the Leeds plan target of 66,000 dwellings is overstated by as much as 9,000 houses over the life of the plan (16 years). WARD (Wharfedale and Airedale Review Development) have been making this point for the last 5 years.
The Local Plans Expert Group (LPEG) (who prepared the report) was established by the Communities Secretary, Greg Clark and the Minister of Housing and Planning, Brandon Lewis MP, in September 2015, with a remit to consider how local plan making can be made more efficient and effective.
Based on the remit of the committee, I suggest that their conclusion for Leeds is that a reduction on overall housing number will contribute to making local plan making more efficient and effective.
See page 11 map and study the green bit where Leeds is.


One thought on “DCLG Report from Local Plans Expert Group confirms WARD’s continuing push for total housing number reduction in Leeds

  1. From page 5 item S29 of the report above. YES! “Our work identified a fault in the current local plan making process. At present, the Local Plans Regulations do not allow a local authority to modify a plan in response to public consultation at the first (and only) stage when a local plan is formally published in draft. This creates several difficulties:
    • local communities feel excluded from the plan making process; plans may be at risk because consultation may not meet legal requirements; and as a result, many authorities undertake additional non-statutory stages of consultation, thereby adding significantly to the plan making process.
    We recommend two particular changes to the current regulations so that:
    • the first stage of engagement (Regulation 18) should principally enable the community to express their views about their vision for the area and their views on all relevant issues; and a local authority can change its published plan in response to public consultation without undertaking a further round of plan making.”

    So we had a plan draft and a consultation on it , the results of which could not be used to change the plan! Ever feel we waste our time and money?

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