Fantastic News! Kirklees Knoll Appeal Refused! Victory for Localism!

This week, at last we have some good news.  The recent decision by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, and the Planning Inspector to reject an appeal by developers hoping to build on Kirklees Knoll is very welcome indeed!  The campaign to save this site from development has been ongoing for a number of years and has been fully supported by a number of community groups as well as the local MP, Stuart Andrew.

Stuart Andrew MP said:

“I would first like to pay tribute to the huge number of residents, particularly the members of the Farsley Action Group, who have been tirelessly campaigning against the development.  I am sure they will all join me in celebrating the decision and it is fantastic to see that all of their hard work has paid off.  The decision by the Secretary of State and the Planning Inspector is a real victory for localism and it is pleasing to see that the Government is listening to the view of local people.”

Let us hope that this is a good omen for how future appeals will be treated by the Secretary of State and Planning Inspectors designated to hear them.

Another local MP, Greg Mulholland, is currently engaged in campaigning against proposals by Miller Homes to build up to 380 homes and a convenience store at Breary Lane East in Bramhope which is in Greg’s constituency.  First put forward in 2013, with Bramhope Parish Council urging villagers to oppose the scheme, the application was turned down by Leeds City Council who argued that the development of this site would be detrimental to the safe and free flow of traffic.  However, Miller Homes is now to appeal the decision and is arguing that its development will help to meet the significant shortfall of housing in the area.  Local councillor, Barry Anderson, said:

“I am disappointed that the applicants and their agent have chosen to appeal this application as the council does have a five-year land supply and this development is premature. ….. I would also reiterate my concern that the 70,000 housing target by the council is wrong and overstates the number of houses that should be built.”

There were over 800 people who objected to the original proposals for this development.  Their main concerns were:  impact on Bramhope’s roads, school, together with other services and the loss of greenfields.  WARD would strongly urge the original 800 objectors, together with any other concerned persons, to once again put pen to paper and visit to make further comments/objections or write to:  Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/10b, Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, BRISTOL, BS1 6PN, quoting Appeal Reference APP/N4720/W/15/3004106. The deadline for submissions of comments/objections is Thursday 2 April.  PLEASE SPEND A LITTLE TIME TO OBJECT TO THIS APPEAL IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE LOSS OF GREENFIELDS.