Five years on in Menston

Author Dr Steve Ellams


The campaign groups representing the Menston community against inappropriate development have steered them towards the end of 2015. It is hard to think their efforts now span over 5 years. Please find an update on the current planning decision making in and around Menston, in addition see website:
A lot of water has gone under the bridge (excuse the pun) and time has taken its toll in many different ways, particularly financing such a protracted campaign. If it were not for the pro bono arrangements with their accountancy and legal team and the stoical work done by members of the community, none of the current actions they are taking would be possible.
However they believe they are nearing the finishing line and with continued help from the community they can stop the proposed developments at Bingley Road and Derry Hill.

Currently a Judicial Review on the Chartford Homes development site (Bingley Road) will start at the High Court in Leeds on 12 October 2015.

In addition, due to a refusal of planning permission on 10 February 2015 (13/04897/MAF) the developer has made an appeal at the last minute to the Planning Inspectorate for the main Bingley Road site.
“The applicant has failed to demonstrate that the submitted drainage scheme will be adequate to prevent the increased likelihood of flooding of properties off the site.”
A date has not yet been finalised but watch this space!

As regards Derry Hill, even though they were not successful in the middle of July with the Judicial Review their legal team is still optimistic as to the outcome of this process.

The group are not against housing in and around their community, that’s progress, but developments of the magnitude proposed will on strong evidence bring sustainability problems but above all, flooding and drainage issues. There is a substantial risk that many Menston households, not just those adjacent to the developments, will suffer flooding and both new and older properties would be rendered uninsurable.
Historically Menston’s whole reason for existence has been strongly linked and based on water. It is just about everywhere. Their team has mapped approximately 23 unidentified culverted water courses in and around the village over the past 5 years.
Development at the proposed sites will, according to the expert report published in December 2014, exacerbate the situation. What they do know is 35% of the 2,000 letters of objection mentioned a flooding and drainage issue. They believe these issues can only get worse and affect more households.

Dr Steve Ellams
Projects Manager WARD