Horses or Houses in Horsforth? Please Comment

As Redrow’s development plans for yet another greenfield site in Horsforth, local people and representatives step up the heat.

On Friday 11th May, 150 community members, Stuart Andrew MP (Pudsey), the three Horsforth city councillors and eight Horsforth Town Councillors,  joined for a meeting about Redrow’s outline planning application to build 34 houses on a key green space in the centre of the Cragg Hill and Woodside Conservation Area, on Outwood Lane, Horsforth.

Whilst not yet validated, the planning application is in with LCC planners, and they are keen to receive comments now from individuals and community groups.  Members of WARD, Horsforth Civic Society, Newlay Conservation Society and the local action group Cragg Hill and Woodside Residents Group heard that once validated, the clock would start to tick away on the period allowed for determination of the application, and so responding with comments should happen as soon as possible. Plans will be made available online (planning reference 12/01963/FU) and at Horsforth Library.

The mood of the meeting was against the development, as the site is a precious piece of green space, in a conservation area, that links open spaces all around it, and especially between wooded areas to the north and south of the 8.6 acres field. The owners of horses that currently graze the field have been given two weeks notice to quit, suggesting that the developer is confident of a planning acceptance.

Stuart Andrew, stated clearly his objection to the loss of the green space commenting – “There are many other places in north Leeds where housing can be built, and in this case it will be important for the principle of “brownfield first”, in the new National Planning Policy Framework, to be highlighted. I shall be writing to the planners to object to the scheme”.  We invite others who object to do the same.


One thought on “Horses or Houses in Horsforth? Please Comment

  1. For me these issues are far beyond politics they are more about about the rights of everyone to have a certain quality of life. I would be very surprised if the people involved in proposing to build on these areas would build or welcome building upon the green sites around their own homes.
    My understanding is that every city needs green space to deal with pollution and provide areas for recreation. I don’t see how sitting in queues of static traffic, no availability of places at local schools, dentists and medical practitioners improves the quality of life of the present or future residents of the area………but then maybe I’m just missing the point…….perhaps it’s just about lining the pockets of the so called developers or destructors depending upon one’s point of view!
    I agree that brown sites should be redeveloped in an environmentally friendly way as a first choice.
    It would be a bizarre situation indeed, to find that the green sites became just acres of houses and the brown sites and city centre sites were redeveloped as parkland!

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