Independence Wins in Rawdon

Two strong local independent candidates, who have been deeply involved with fighting against inappropriate development on Rawdon Billing, have been elected as councillors on the new Rawdon Parish Council.

Phil Gomersall, who is a founder member of Rawdon Billing Conservation Group which was set up to oppose earlier development threats on the Billing,  and  Dr David Ingham, Chairman of Wharfedale and Airedale Review Develoment (WARD)and member of Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum,  are now pledging to fight on to engender the real spirit of  ‘localism’ in Rawdon and Aireborough.

They are joined on Rawdon Parish Council by newly elected councillors Jackie Shemilt, Treasurer of Rawdon Billing Action Goup, initiated by WARD to oppose development on Rawdon Billing;  also Bob Barber and John Davies, both keen advocates of preserving the local landscape and character of Aireborough.

Other Parish Council members who were returned unopposed are Dawn Collins, LCC Councillor for Horsforth, and Horsforth Town Councillor, her husband Neil Hunt, also a Councillor on Horsforth Town Council, and Jonathan Lacey and Michael Warrior.

Dr Ingham said, “Localism is about bringing democracy back to the grass roots, and allowing the people of Rawdon to help shape the area they live in – we intend to use new powers in the Localism Act, such as neighbourhood planning to give local people a bigger say in what happens in Aireborough”.