Leeds Civic Trust places pressure on LCC Forward Planning

During November 2015 I was asked to present to Leeds Civic Trust (LCT) on the Site Allocations Proposals and the consultation that closed on Monday 16th. November 2015. While giving and overall picture I closed in on the severe plight of Horsforth and Rawdon, should the existing site allocations go ahead.

I urged LCT to challenge the overall target for dwelling numbers for Leeds and to link that to the arguments to reduce the use of green belt land. I am pleased to see this report from their Planning Committee in the recent LCT newsletter.

“At our next meeting we discussed the Core Strategy Site
Allocations Plan, which sets out appropriate sites for new
housing and other land uses around the city. The Trust
feels that there is a need for a fundamental review of
housing numbers proposed as the Council has shown far
more capacity than appears to be justified by current
building rates, population projections and likely demand.
Too many Green Belt or greenfield sites are proposed and
we are concerned that house-builders will choose these
‘easy to develop’ more profitable locations before using
the many vacant brownfield sites which can be found
within the existing urban areas. Due to this and other
issues regarding railway infrastructure and consultation
methodology, we feel the Plan is unsound and not legally
compliant – it is inconsistent with national policies,
insufficiently justified and not positively or properly

Martin Hughes
Extracted fom the Leeds Civic Trust December Newsletter