Leeds Consults on changes to the Site Allocation Plan

Leeds City Council (LCC) are consulting on the recent changes to the Leeds Site Allocation Plan (SAP). The changes can be seen here.

It is recommended by WARD that any comments you have about the changes should be sent in by email to sap@leeds.gov.uk rather than use the online response form which can be found on the LCC Changes to Site Allocations website pages. The online response tends to guide the responder into answering questions LCC wants to pose rather than dealing with the ones you might have.

It is recommended that you read the LCC  “How To” Guidance Notes.

Even if you have responded before to the previous SAP consultation, it is very important that you respond again, including your name, address, site reference name and number and the change number (there are 802 of them) referring to the change.

In the WARD area there are changes (as examples only) as below and there are large sites introduced elsewhere.

Specific site information – Aireborough (examples)

 HG1-12 Naylor Jennings – site slightly larger. Change 98, plan 1. See the online link above.

HG2-5 Coach Road, Guiseley – site smaller. Changes 60, 69 and 70. Plan 2. See the online link above.

HG2-12 Woodlands Drive, Rawdon – site smaller.  Changes 61, 62, 75 to 79. Plan 3. See the online link above.

HG2-229 Old Mill, Miry Lane, Yeadon – NEW site. Changes 58, 80 to 87. Plan 4. See the online link above.

EG1-5 (Employment site) – Park Mills, Leeds Road, Rawdon – Airedale site larger, reflecting built area. Change 89. Plan 5. See online link above.

Specific Site information – Horsforth

HG2-41 Strawberry Field – site larger. Changes 373, 387 to 392. Plan 36. See the online link above. If you respond, please comment on this.

HG2-43 Horsforth Campus – site removed. HG1 515 (the buildings) added as suitable for 72 dwellings.  Changes 366, 381, 393 to 396. Plan 37. See the online link above.  You might question that the changes to justify the removal of the area of this site are equally applicable to HG2-41 Strawberry Field.

Specific Site Information – other areas (examples)

HG2-234 Kirkstall Forge. Site larger, with West and East extension of boundary. West boundary opposite Newlay Conservation Area. Changes 378, 408. Plan 39. See online link above.

MX2-39 Parlington – NEW site, and phased site boundary changes. Changes 436, 440, 455. Plan 41A. See the online link above.


Martin Hughes, Treasurer, WARD