Menston – Perseverence & Research do pay off!

Dr Stephen Ellams, a WARD committee member and a member of Menston Action Group (MAG), is pleased to inform us that the joint communities in Menston have, through a recent legal challenge, caused the City of Bradford MDC to rethink the granting of planning permissions on the Derry Hill and Bingley Road sites.  In a letter from Bradford MDC’s Solicitor, Tim Driver, it was confirmed that the two planning applications will be referred back to the Regulatory & Appeals Committee for re-determination.  In addition there is an outstanding planning inquiry on the same two sites due to start on 9 April 2013.

Menston community, through MAG, the MCA and the Parish Council, has worked tirelessly for three years to stop these unsustainable developments.  Though not a final victory this is, indeed, a mighty step in the right direction.  WARD is delighted to congratulate all those involved in this admirable show of solidarity!