More evidence of Leeds housing number blunder

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published new population statistics with a 2014 base. Previous most up to date data was based on 2012 figures and already showed Leeds’ and Bradford’s housing targets to be way too ambitious – and frankly unnecessary. At this point a Leeds target of c. 50,000 (down from 66,000) would have matched the ONS population data and mean that not one square metre of greenbelt land would need to be included in the Leeds Site Allocation Plans.

Annual household projections for Leeds and Bradford which are out today with a 2014 base show lower projections for household growth per annum for both Leeds and Bradford: –

Leeds  – a fall from 2,796 households  per annum to 2, 458 households per annum.

Bradford a fall from 1,793 households per annum to 1,509 households per annum.

These figures take into account a rise in UK household formation (although a fall in population increases),  due to a lower household size, which is down from an average of 2.32 to 2.21 people per household for Leeds.

This information was provided by Jennifer Kirkby of ANDF, and she goes on to state that her rough calculations suggest that this would further reduce Leeds’ housing target requirement by some 5,000 houses. This would suggest that a target of 45,000 would satisfy future housing need in Leeds, during the current plan period of 2012 to 2028.

Thank you for this information, Jennifer.