Meeting to set up legal representation fund for LCC Site Allocations hearing

WARD have announced a meeting of invited groups and key people to discuss the setting up of a legal representation fund enabling community groups to legally challenge excessive green belt use within the Site Allocations plan for Leeds.

Date: Friday, 29th July 2016

Venue: Emmott Arms Rawdon, upstairs meeting room

Time: 1900 hours. The meeting will last no longer than 2 hours.

The meeting will determine how funds should be raised and managed and set project plans as to how the money should be spent. At this stage it is anticipated that legal advice will need to be taken from a planning barrister, followed by his or her attendance at the hearing to represent the community. Funds required are expected to be at least £10,000.

WARD has taken this step due to the continuing and repeated refusal of Leeds City Council to pay any attention to the results of recent consultations, and their direct refusal to alter the direction of the Site Allocation proposals in the light of these community views.

WARD are working closely with SAVELEEDSGREENBELT.COM on this project with the intention of holding a further public meeting in Horsforth in respect of LCC’s intention to increase the size of green belt grab associated with proposals for site HG2-41 Strawberry Fields, located within Horsforth.