A planning application (application number:  12/01233/FU) has been submitted for a 74 metre high wind turbine at Hawkesworth Quarry on the pleasant, tranquil, green oasis between the Odda and Highroyds Hall.  The turbine will be situated close to public footpaths which criss-cross this peaceful unspoilt area.  Designated as a Special Landscape Area (SLA) the site sits in greenbelt and is in close proximity to the South Pennine Moors Site of Special Scientic Interest (SSI).  It is also labelled a Special Protection Area (SPA) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).  At 74 metres, the turbine will tower above the natural landscape and be visible for many miles around.

To object to this monstrosity you need to either send an email to:

or write to:  Department of Planning, Leeds City Council, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD.

Your letter should be headed by your full name and address and should have the planning application number as a reference.  More than one person in a household is entitled to object but they must not use the same wording or the letters will only count as one.  Separate objections from each member of a household are counted individually.

For those people unfamiliar with writing planning objections it is highly recommended they access where there is a template letter and a list of valid reasons which may be used to object to windfarms.  Available also on this site are several short video presentations by Godfrey Bloom, MEP Yorkshire & Humberside, and various articles outlining the facts behind wind power.  These expose the mythology of how ‘green’ turbines are, how inefficient they are and, also, how heavily subsidised they are;  bringing benefit only to developers and land owners and increased power bills to consumers.

To access full details of this planning application you should visit and using public access quote the planning application number:  12/01233/FU.  You will then be able to examine all the documentation including the Environmental Impact Assessment together with the Habitat Survey.  A careful reading of these documents reveals they do not give 100% backing to this application.  There is also a question of a wind turbine interfering with Primary Surveillance Radar which poses a danger to LBIA traffic.

PLEASE ACT NOW– you have only 21 days to submit your objections to this wind turbine.  The area of Menston and Guiseley and surrounding environs is already under threat by housing target numbers in the LDF Core Strategies for both Bradford and Leeds.  If this application is passed it will set a dangerous precedent and pave the way for the land owner concerned to apply for yet more turbines citing extra houses as a reason for the site to become a full-blown windfarm!  The only benefit of that is to the land owner who will receive vast subsidies under present European Laws.  We, of course, as tax payers will continue to suffer as our fuel bills rise further to pay these subsidies.  Furthermore, residents will suffer a devaluation of their properties should this application be approved.   Unfortunately, under present law these cannot be used as valid planning objections to windfarms.  You can, however, use these comments in a final paragraph to end your letter of objection.

To ensure your voice is heard, please send a copy of your objection to








  1. Hi. I’ve just logged on to the council site to review the planning application to find its no longer there….am I too late or has this now been removed ?

    • Dear Ian
      The application in its present form should not have been posted on the LCC website due to inconsistencies in the paperwork. The applicant now needs to revise the application. When this is done it will be resubmitted and you will then be able to lodge any objections which you may have. This may take some time but we will inform you when the application becomes ‘live’ again.

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