Tanker Collision Causes Residents to Voice Concerns about Naylor Jennings Housing Proposals

gla2Following a recent collision between an aviation fuel tanker and a car on Green Lane last month local residents have indicated their concerns regarding the proposal to build 123 houses on the site of the Naylor Jennings factory.  They complained bitterly that Leeds has given no consideration to safety issues posed by this development and by the decision to site the entrance and exit to the site on the narrowest part of Green Lane.  Everyone is agreed that this can only increase and exacerbate the already dangerous situation where heavy goods vehicles continually exceed speed limits and currently are able to travel in both directions.gla3

Last month a local resident, John Goupillot, who also happens to be a retired Senior Fire Officer, heard a bang and realised that an accident had occurred immediately in front of his house on Cricketers Green.  On investigation he noted that a road fuel tanker (pictured) had collided with the rear of a car.  On checking he found that the lady driver of the car was uninjured but suffering from shock.  The driver of the tanker was unhurt.  Mr Goupillot informed the drivers that he would be taking photographs – not for accident evidence – but to strengthen the ongoing discussions regarding measures to curb traffic congestion on this very narrow section of Green Lane.  Mr Goupillot also discovered that this fuel tanker posed the potential for a really serious accident as he discovered the tanker was empty of fuel and could have posed a serious risk of explosion had it been ruptured or heated by a possible fire.  Burning fuel is obviously a serious condition but an explosion from an empty vessel containing fuel vapour can be an even greater hazard.  In the opinion of Mr Goupillot local residents had been extremely gla1fortunate in escaping what could have been a devastating accident.

In a constructive effort to lessen traffic congestion and danger on this extremely narrow part of Green Lane the WARD organisation, after a meeting with Andrew Hall, Head of Transport Policy for LCC, have suggested that transport planners prohibit the right turn from Harrogate Road onto Green Lane for a pilot period of at least one month/six weeks for all vehicles over 7½ tonnes.  During this time a proper evaluation should be carried out but there is little doubt that such a prohibition would require the implementation of a Traffic Order similar to the one which already exists and which prohibits HGVs from turning right from Apperley Lane onto Micklefield Lane in a North Easterly direction.  Such an order can only be beneficial and ease congestion for residents of both Green Lane and Apperley Lane. 

If the Naylor Jennings housing proposals are given the go-ahead WARD feels the above action will become an imperative in view of the inevitable increase in vehicle numbers on Green Lane. 

Photos all by John Goupillot.