The Fight Goes On For Menston

Greg Clark and Philip Davies in Menston 2010 (Source:Telegraph & Argus)

At the Planning Panel on 28 February, the expert evidence provided to Bradford Council by Menston’s resident representatives, and Bradford Council’s own expert evidence (relating to drainage, flooding and traffic generation) was ignored.  The Panel, therefore, took a decision which flew in the face of the evidence about the inappropriateness and lack of sustainability of construction on the two Menston sites.

In June 2010, Minister Greg Clark MP told Menston that it would be beneficial to hold a local referendum to validate the seemingly overwhelming opposition to excessive development.  A referendum was subsequently held on the Minister’s recommendation, and the vote was 98.4% opposed to the developments.  Once again, Bradford MDC has totally ignored the referendum result, as it has every objection raised in the community.

Menston Community Association has raised a complaint with Bradford Planning Dept., and the City Solicitor, relating to the breaches of democratic procedure.  A complaint has also been made to the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, and an indication has been received from Greg Clark MP, Minister at the Dept. for Comunities & Local Government, that the record and procedures of the Planning Panel (and what preceded it) will be reviewed by the Secretary of State.

This issue is far from going away!  Menston will continue to fight for its survival as a village.