Useful CPRE Traffic Lights on NPPF

Planning Minister, Greg Clark, unveiled the revised National Planning Policy Framework today.  Although an improvement over the draft, taking account of concerns about ‘concreting over the countryside’,  and enhancing areas like building design,  the response by many on both sides of the debate has been cautious.   There is lots of ‘wiggle room’ in the detail,  as Andrew Lainton outlines in his blog, and how it works in reality means there could be many an evidenced based appeal ahead, where politics will play a big part.

Would the NPPF have helped campaigns such as Tong Valley and Menston? Based on the way those decisions were taken, it is highly unlikely.   It may, however, help Yeadon Banks, and at least increased the chances of Rawdon Billing and Wharfedale A65.   However, we cannot rest on our laurels,  Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans are the cornerstone of this legislations, and we are all going to have to work hard to get them in place.

This article by the CPRE is a good rundown of the key points of the NPPF, grouped by traffic lighted headings – Green (improved/good), Amber (unchanged/caution) and Red (poor/area for concern) good.