WARD/CPRE Yorkshire Planning Conference Success!

Last Saturday 27 April, Wharfedale & Airedale Review Development and the Campaign to Protect Rural England held its first Yorkshire Planning Conference in central Leeds.  The event was a resounding success and it was very gratifying to see so many delegates from across the whole of Yorkshire.

Important topics discussed included:

  • LDF housing target numbers
  • Democratic deficiencies
  • Urban regeneration
  • Present planning legislation bias in favour of developers
  • Release of PAS land in Leeds
  • 95% mortgages
  • Existing empty boarded up properties
  • Thousands of planning permissions across our area granted – not a brick laid
  • The NPPF easing the way for developers to grab green fields
  • The Localism Act does not really empower local communities
  • The need for all, including locally elected councillors and MPs to work together
  • There is strength in unity

There will be a more detailed account of the conference appearing shortly when we have received comments from delegates and our WARD and CPRE representatives.  If you wish to make a comment please do so below.