Which Direction?

Which Direction Now?

After the shell shock experienced by our entire community 7 weeks ago, at the Planning Panel Meeting held in Menston, we have all needed time to actually come to terms with what we ‘think’ took place.

As our members have been working in the village, collecting photographs and statements relating to our Village Green approach, we have been consistently canvassed to keep on fighting. Why? Because of an overwhelming sense of injustice, that although we were allowed to speak,  our concerns were never heard, or understood.

This week a meeting has taken place between Menston Parish Council, Menston Community Association and Menston Action Group, and we are still united in our contempt of how we have been ‘communally abused’.

This is our last chance saloon, and we will be going back out to our entire village to explain what our plans are. One thing we know for certain, is that in order to have a fighting chance we need the best representation that we can afford. We are going to start raising funds;  more than just  a few bob. If we don’t dig in, and fight now, ‘they’ will only come back at us for the next 600 houses proposed!!  So,  our options are to dig deep or to sink,  and we as a group don’t have gills and I don’t have any skill at blowing bubbles.